Code of Conduct

Dear Customer,

today we are one of the largest neutral NVOCC consolidators and considered as one of the pioneers in the independent consolidator business. Through our actions we have continuously connected continents, countries and cultures. Our global focus requires a common system of values and principles that should provide guidance on conduct to all employees.

With this letter we would like to inform you about our Code of Ethics. SACO SHIPPING LINE strives to continuously improve the high quality of our service products. Hence, we defined a Code of Ethics, which demonstrates our commitment towards social responsibility and sustainability. The code provides orientation for the actions of all employees regarding internal contacts and as well external relations with customers, suppliers and competitors.

Most important topics of our Code of Ethics are:

- Protection of human rights
- Prohibition of any discrimination
- Fair and cooperative collaboration internally as well as externally with customers, suppliers or third parties
- Compliance with laws and regulations and cultural characteristics
- Prevention of the environment and sustainability
- Adherence to data security and confidentiality
- Continuous development of employees expertise

For further company information, please have a look on our website

We are looking forward to a good cooperation with you. 

With kind regards